We all know, when you're shopping different stores and different styles, the same size can have a completely different fit. In order to offer consistent sizing, we put each style on real live women. They offer feedback so that we know--and you know--that "this 3x blouse runs small..." or "those size 22 jeans feel slim in the calf."

In each product description, we'll make recommendations based on this feedback, using our model fitting as a standard. If an item is running small, we'll indicate that. If an item is running true to size, we'll tell you that too. Since you can't try our clothes on in person, we want to give you the confidence you need to order online.

In addition, each item has its own measurements listed. These are the specs of the actual clothing piece and can be best used to answer questions of length or width.

If you'd like to discuss any size issue more specifically, please feel free to call us @ 888.499.1996. All of our reps are familiar with our line & can offer advice.