Meet LucieLu!

My name is Lucie & from this day forward, I am going to do my very best to bring a fresh point of view to plus clothing.

"The day is here. Fashion knows no size & cool is determined by individual style & confidence." --LL

It is my goal to drive my brand with style, rather than size. To make as many original pieces as i can, all the while striving for great fits, wearable looks, not too young, not too old, gotta have them in my closet CLOTHES! The LucieLu line will always be part timeless classics & part trend. A mix & match collection that will easily lend itself to cultivating your individual style. Play it safe or take a risk. Borrow from others or invent it yourself. Go neutral or pop a color. Be conservative or be bold. Keep comfortable or put yourself out there. And in the end, your style is born. I've been working in the plus fashion industry for over 10 years & am excited to offer up LucieLu, trust my instincts & immerse myself in everything fashion.